— James P. Boyce Centennial Library —


Printing Tips

Over the past week the library has implemented a new printing system. The goal of our new system is to decrease costs and expedite the printing process for our patrons. Having now seen the printing system in action for about a week, here are a few suggestions to help make your printing experience optimal:

1. Use your Shield Card to pay for your print jobs. Using your Shield Card will reduce printing costs by 30% from the old system (now 7 cents per page instead of 10 cents), and you will save over 50% off the new cash prince (15 cents per page).

2. If you pay with cash, make sure you deposit enough cash to pay for all the pages in your print job. Please note that the cash price for printing is now the same as copying: 15 cents per page. Depositing insufficient cash in the printer will cause an error. To avoid this problem altogether, use your Shield Card.

3. Use a unique User ID. This will make your jobs easier to find when you are looking for them on the printer’s job list. A User ID can be any combination of letters and numbers up to eight characters long.

4. Only send a job to the printer one time. If the job does not appear in the printer queue, a technical problem has occurred. Re-sending the same job multiple times will only make it more difficult and time-consuming to resolve the problem. Instead of resending the job, let the circulation desk staff know that an error has occurred with your job, and they will quickly resolve the problem.

5. Print your jobs within an hour of sending them to the printer. After 60 minutes, unprinted jobs will be deleted.

While our goal is to provide a printing experience free from technical difficulties, we also know that paper jams and other issues happen. Should such a problem arise, know that we are doing everything we can to resolve it quickly, as we seek to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient printing experience possible.