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Item Detail View, Part 1

While perusing your search results in WorldCat Local (WCL), inevitably you will want more information about a particular item. For example, say you run a search on the keywords “church history reformation.” The second result is The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World. You notice that this title is a book held in the SBTS Library, and you want to know more about this particular item. Clicking the title takes you to the detailed information about this item.

WCL Details View

There are so many options on this screen that I’m going to divide covering it into several posts. Let’s just start with what we see above.

The top of the window presents the options that are common to every WCL page: Home, Search, SBTS Library, and account sign-ins. The search box is underneath these options, allowing you to run a new search from the detailed view screen. This option is very helpful if after looking at a few of the search result details you realize you need to change your search. Rather than having to click to go to a search page, you can initiate a new search from here. If you want more options, you can also select Advanced Search from the search box as well as the scope of your search (only our library or all WorldCat libraries).

Beneath the Search Box we find the general information about this book. The cover art (if available) makes it easy to identify what we’re looking at, and the title is in bold across the top of this section, with the author, publication information, and format below.
WCL Similar Items
In the box on the far right, we see a list of subjects related to our search. These subjects are Library of Congress Subject Headings, and clicking one of these links will run a search for all items in our library under that subject heading. Clicking on Similar Items will take us to the bottom of the page to a banner showing us related books. Each item identifies the nature of the similarity above the cover art, here that these books are by the same author.

WCL Similar Items

Above the title and “More like this” box are several links.

Detail Links

A link to return to the list of search results is on the far left. Next is a link to Cite this item. Clicking this link brings up a display allowing you to view various citation formats and copy them. In the screenshot below, we have selected Turabian. Notice also that you can export a citation to either RefWorks or EndNote using the links at the bottom of the display. If you use citation management software, the Cite link is a powerful tool for building a bibliography.

WCL List Add Display

The Print link simply prints the contents of the page you are viewing. The E-mail link allows you to email yourself this reference’s information. The email that is sent is nicely formatted and includes call number, location, and availability information. This is especially helpful if you have a mobile device where you can check your email. Rather than writing down a list of items, you can simply email them to yourself, see which ones are available and where they are located, and go find them.

WCL Email
WCL ListsThe “Add to list” link enables you to save this item to a list in your WorldCat account. You need to be signed in to use this feature (if you are not signed in, clicking this link will bring up a display prompting you to do so). The nice thing about WCL’s list functionality is that you can add items to your lists without leaving the detailed view page. All the options you need are presented in a small display window. Adding items to a list is also helpful when you are going to use them in your research and want to create a bibliography. I’ll talk more about lists later, but for now, let me note that you can export entire lists to citation management software with a single click.

If you want to bookmark or share an item, you can do that as well. Clicking on the link brings up a display with ten of the most popular sharing options, as well as a “More” option in case your service isn’t listed and you want to see the full range of services. Finally, Permalink displays a permanent link to the detailed view of the item.


This post is already pretty long and we’ve barely started covering all the options on this page! We’ll look at some other options in the detailed view tomorrow. In the meantime, please try it out for yourself and let us know what you think at worldcatfeedback@gmail.com. We want to hear what you think about our new search engine and interface.