— James P. Boyce Centennial Library —


Library Computing Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent library computer survey. We have received and compiled all the feedback and will be making changes as appropriate to help improve your library computing experience. In response to survey results, we have already made some changes:

  • A stapler has been made available on the second floor by the printer
  • DVDs now play properly on all computers in the lab

Many of you requested more available IT support staff. For those who don’t know, Matt Pierce is available in the afternoons Monday-Friday to answer your questions and help troubleshoot problems in the lab. His office is located in the printer area on the second floor. If you can’t find Matt or he’s not here, feel free to ask the circulation staff for help. If they can’t help, they will find someone who can.

Many of you also requested better wireless coverage in the library. We are taking steps to improve coverage. Perhaps you’ve seen the blue network cables hanging from the ceiling by the PhD offices on the third floor. These are future locations of more wireless access points. We hope by the Fall semester to have every inch of the library covered with a strong, consistent wireless signal. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we acquire and install the necessary hardware.

Several of you commented about the price of printing in the library. According to our survey, 36% of people who print in the library pay with cash. Let me encourage you to use your Shield Card to pay for printing as that will immediately reduce costs. You can add money to your Shield Card at 5th & Broadway, on the main floor in the library, or online with a credit card. Printing is a service that 5th & Broadway provides within the library for your convenience. Comments or questions about pricing should be directed to 5th & Broadway.

Again, we appreciate all the feedback we received throughout March as you completed our survey. We hope you are rewarded for your participation by a better library computing experience as we respond to your comments and concerns. If you have any other feedback, be sure to let us know.