— James P. Boyce Centennial Library —


Online Library Resources and Insight Communications

Recently, we have received a number of questions from patrons who have been unable to access library resources from off-campus, with errors saying that they cannot connect to the server. I experienced this very problem myself a couple weeks ago after switching from AT&T to Insight Communications for my Internet service at home. Insight came out and set up a secured wireless network for me, and after they secured the network I could no longer access library resources from home. Fortunately, I had an extra router available, so I installed my own router and removed theirs from my network and the problems were eliminated. If you are having similar problems to what other patrons have had and to what I experienced with Insight, you have a couple different options.

–You could buy your own router rather than using the one Insight provides. That way you can customize the security settings for your network and make sure your router allows you to access the ports our resources use (1701, 8992, 9992, 2000-2999).

–If buying your own hardware is not an option, then you need to contact Insight Communications technical support. Have them adjust the security settings on your router, letting them know you need access to the ports listed above for academic research at your educational institution’s library.

Unfortunately, the staff at JPBCL cannot fix this problem for you since it is related to your ISP and hardware setup at home. However, if you need help better understanding how to address this issue with Insight, please contact me (rbrunansky@sbts.edu) for specific details.