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Shoot us a text!

Have you ever wished you could have a librarian right at your fingertips? Now you can, if you sign up for our Text a Librarian service.

To sign up for the service, text AskBoyce to 66746.

Once you sign up, save 66746 to your contacts.  The next time you have a question, text it to that number. One of our librarians or research experts will get back to you with an answer quickly. They’re kind of like Siri, except they’re human, they understand theological research, and they care about you. They also need sleep, so the service is only available during regular library hours. Go ahead and send your text in the middle of the night, though, and they will answer it in the morning (just like your mom would).

So, sign up today by texting AskBoyce to 66746, and keep a librarian in your pocket.