Add Library Printers (Windows)

To successfully print from your personal Microsoft Windows* computer, follow the following 3 steps.  (* Screenshots below are Windows 7, but the same steps are required on Windows XP, 8, and 8.1.  Windows 10 has not been tested, so let us know if these instructions work for you.)

  1. Add the Library Printer
    1. Click on Add a Printer (Under Control Panel > Devices and Printers OR by searching in the Windows Start menu)
    2. When prompted for the type of printer to install, select Add a network printer
    3. Your computer will not automatically find the shared printer.  Select The printer that I want isn’t listed
    4. Select a shared printer by name and enter: \\lib-printserver\Library-BW
    5. If prompted Do you trust this printer?, click Install driver
    6. Your computer should say that You’ve successfully added the printer.
    7. Windows will ask if you want to set the (last added) printer as the default.  If you do not always want to print to that printer, uncheck this selection.  Select Finish, and do not print a test page.
    8. To add the library color printer, repeat steps 1-7 and substituting the printer name \\lib-printserver\library-1f-color in Step 4.
  2. Add PaperCut Client
    1. Download the PaperCut client ( with this link.
    2. Locate and right-click on the file you just downloaded, and select Extract All…
    3. In the extracted PCclient folder, double-click on client-local-install.exe to begin installation.
    4. Click Next, Accept the End-User license agreement, and Click next through the following screens (accepting the default installation destination and components), then click Install.
    5. Once the software installation completes, ensure the checkbox Launch client and verify my identity is checked, then click Finish.
    6. When the client prompts for a login, enter your Southern Profile Username and Password.
    7. The PaperCut client appear and display your account balance.
    8. When you print to a library printer, you will be prompted for your Southern Profile Username and Password.  Select Remember Until I logout to avoid being re-prompted with every print during your session.
    9. After you print to a library printer, you will see conformation that the job is received by the PaperCut client.
  3. Add Credit to your Account
    1. In order to print or copy, you will need to add credit to your account.  Fifth & Broadway has various pricing tiers to reduce your printing costs.