The Library has three computer clusters for patron use. Clusters are located on the ground floor (4 PCs), the main floor (10 PCs), and the second floor (24 PCs). All PCs are Dell computers and are equipped with USB ports for flash drives, an Internet connection, a headphone connection, and a line-in connection for a microphone. All computers are connected to a library printer. Clusters on the ground and main floors print to the main floor printer, while the cluster on the second floor has a dedicated printer in the copy room adjacent to it.

OPAC computers are located throughout the library. These machines are for the purpose of quickly looking up a title using the online catalog. OPAC computers are not to be used for checking email, social networking, or other non-research related activities. They are not equipped with any word processing software and they are not connected to a printer.

The microfilm reader on the main floor is attached to a Dell PC with scanning software so documents can be quickly scanned and emailed. If you are having trouble with the reader or the PC, please email or call tech support. The microfilm PC is to be used only for reading, scanning, and emailing microfilm/microfiche documents. To print pages from a microfilm/microfiche document, scan it, email it to yourself, and print it from a computer in one of the library’s computer clusters.