Copy / Print Services

Fifth & Broadway has provided three multi-function copiers for patron use in the library: a black & white multi-function copier on both the main and second floor, as well as a color multi-function copier located on the main floor.  Furthermore, students may submit their documents to Fifth & Broadway for printing via web form.  See Productions Services for more details.

Print management software has been installed on all printers to aid document security and provide easier billing.  To perform any function on a copier, you will need to login with your Moodle username and password.


Black & white documents are 12¢ per page.  Color documents are 49¢ per page (containing color).  Fifth & Broadway will bill student charges through the Accounting Office once a semester.


You will need to login to the copier to use this function.  Copy costs are the same as printing.


You will need to login to the copier to use this function, however, there is no cost for “Scan to Email” or “Scan to USB” services.


Library Computers

Documents sent to the Library-BW printer are able to be released on either the 1st or 2nd floor B/W copiers.  When printing from a library computer, you will be asked to provide your Moodle user name and password.  The print job will not print, nor will you be charged, until you release it on one of the copiers.

To release a printout, login on the copier (where you sent your document) with your Moodle username and password to see your sent jobs on the touch-screen display.  You may choose to print all your documents in the queue, or individually select which print jobs to release in order to see its details, such as number of pages, document title, and estimated charges.

Personal Computers

Instructions forthcoming.


If you need assistance with any of the copiers, please notify the Research Hub or Circulation Desk.