How to add library printers on OS-X Mavericks

Disclaimer: OS-X Mavericks version 10.9.1 was used to create these instructions.

  1. Open System Preferences, Printers & Scannners
  2. Click the + to add a new printer
  3. From the IP tab,
    1. select Protocol: HP Jetdirect - Socket
    2. enter the hostname as the Address
      • library8065 is the Black & White copier on the Main Floor of the library
      • library-c3500 is the Color copier on the Main Floor of the library
    3. the remainder should fill in automatically

  4. To finish setting up the printer, print from an application such as Preview
  5. Select Job Log from the pulldown menu,
    1. enter your student number as your User ID
    2. under Job Type select Locked Print
    3. enter a 4-8 digit PIN number for your password (ie. use the last 4 digits of your phone number).  This is the code you will use to release your print jobs on the printer.
  6. Save these settings as a Preset