How to add library printers on OS-X Mountain Lion

OS-X Mountain Lion (10.8) does not have the correct printer drivers available to print to the Library printers. You must download and install the correct drivers before adding the printers.

Download Drivers
Install Drivers

Once you have downloaded the drivers from the links above, here are the steps you should follow to install the drivers. Note: You perform these steps for both downloaded files if you will be adding more than one printer.

  1. Open the downloaded .dmg file
  2. Double click the package file contained therein
  3. Read and agree to the software license by pressing Continue
  4. Click Install
  5. Press Continue through the process until you receive notice that the software has been installed successfully.
Add Printers

Now you may add the printers to your computer

  1. Open System Preferences, Print & Scan
  2. Click the + to add a new printer
  3. From the IP tab,
    1. select Protocol: HP Jetdirect - Socket
    2. enter the hostname as the Address
      • library8065 is the Black & White copier on the Main Floor of the library
      • library-c3500 is the Color copier on the Main Floor of the library
      • library5500 is the Black & White copier on the Second Floor of the library
    3. Give the printer a name that makes it easily identifiable
    4. Select Print Software to pick the newly installed driver
  4. In the Printer Software pop-up box, search for the appropriate driver for the specific printer:
    • library8065= savin 8065 ps
    • library-c3500 = ricoh c3500 ps
    • library5500 = ricoh 5500 ps
  5. To finish setting up the printer, print from an application such as Preview
  6. On the Job Log menu,
    1. enter your student number as your User ID
    2. under Job Type select Locked Print
    3. enter a 4-8 digit PIN number for your password (ie. use the last 4 digits of your phone number).  This is the code you will use to release your print jobs on the printer.
  7. Save these settings as a Preset