How to add library printers on Windows 7

  1. From the Control Panel, select Devices and Printers
  2. Click Add a printer to start the Add Printer Wizard
  3. Select the option to Add a local printer
  4. Create a new printer portStandard TCP/IP Port
  5. Enter the Printer hostname, check the box to Query the Printer
    • library8065 is the Black & White copier on the Main Floor of the library
    • library-c3500 is the Color copier on the Main Floor of the library
    • library5500 is the Black & White copier on the Second Floor of the library

  6. Name the Printer something meaningful to you (ie. Library Main Floor 8065)
  7. Do not Print a test page when the printer is successfully added.  There are a few more steps before the printer is ready to print.
  8. Select the printer which you just added and named, then select Printing preferences by right-clicking the printer.
  9. On the Job/Log tab,
    1. enter your student number as your User ID
    2. under Job Type select Locked Print
    3. enter a 4-8 digit PIN number for your password (ie. use the last 4 digits of your phone number).  This is the code you will use to release your print jobs on the printer.
    4. Click OK

Now send a test print to the printer.  If you have setup the printer correctly on your computer, from the list of awaiting print jobs on the printer, you should find your User ID.  You should be able to print or delete the job on the printer by entering your PIN number.

Print jobs will remain on the printer for a maximum of 1 hour before being purged.