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Some helpful websites for music placement exam preparation.

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Harmony and Ear Training

Music Theory
Lessons and drills (trainers) for recognizing notes, intervals, chords, keys, etc. Sight trainers and ear trainers. You can even print music manuscript paper for piano, SATB, or a custom format. (under Utilities)
Tonality Guide
Definitions, descriptions, musical and listening examples for types of scales, chords, progressions, modulations, voice leading, and more.

Form and Analysis

Form and Analysis
“Form and Analysis: A Virtual Textbook” – the name says it all.

History and Literature

Essentials of Music
Based on W.W. Norton’s Essentials of Music – an overview of the important eras of music history, brief composer bio’s, a glossary of terms, and listening examples.
Timelines, chapter outlines based on Grout’s History of Western Music, 4th edition.


Instrument Names
Names of instruments in different languages