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general woodwinds internet resources

Woodwind Central
Brief description and history of each instrument.
Mostly clarinet, some saxophone. Composition database, discography, sheet music & MIDI, young people’s pages, resource lists, and much more.

flute internet resources

Described as “the flute enthusiasts ultimate resource for locating flute-related information on the Internet,” this has instructors’ listings, online lessons, health-related issues, lists of flute organizations, dealers, sheet music suppliers, and lots more.
Flute History
“This site contains information and resources for learning about the transverse flute and flute-playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years. It’s designed for players of the modern instrument as well as earlier types, such as renaissance and baroque flutes. You can find pages about people, instruments, periods, and music…” Very well-designed and informative.
The Flute Network
Master class listing, registry of stolen instruments, classifieds, recommended resources.
National Flute Association
Information about membership, competitions, conventions, and other activities, as well as an online store. Under Resources, find a flute cyber-museum in the works, annotated repertoire list, and flute-related links.

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oboe internet resources

The All Oboe Page
History of the instrument, information on reed-making, recommended bibliography and sheet music, RealAudio listening samples, more links.
International Double Reed Society
For the oboe and bassoon family, lists of upcoming events, membership information, many downloadable resources such as fingering guides, manufacturer listings, audio-visuals, and more.

clarinet internet resources

ET’s Clarinet Studio
Helpful articles on various aspects of clarinet music and study, program notes, and a message board.
International Clarinet Association
Membership and event information, links to related websites, research help.

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bassoon internet resources

Listings of jobs, instruments wanted/for sale, master classes and festivals, sources for sheet music and accessories, websites for performers, teachers, orchestras, and chamber music groups, fun stuff, and more.
Directory of bassoonists, resource lists for repair shops, dealers, sheet music, gifts and accessories, organizations, etc.
Bibliography of Bassoon Theses and Dissertations
This is a helpful and thorough listing of printed academic resources about bassoons.

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selected library holdings – current periodicals

The Clarinet. Pocatello: Department of Music, Idaho State University. C544n

Flute Talk. Evanston, IL: The Instrumentalist Co. F675teta

selected library holdings – books, scores, and audiovisuals by topic

bibliographies and discographies

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history, performance, and pedagogy

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