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ILL via Primo

September 20th, 2010 • Robb Brunansky

Boyce Centennial Library is pleased to announce the availability of Inter-Library Loan (ILL) functionality in Primo as of today. We know this is a feature many of you have requested and have been eagerly anticipating. To request an item for ILL, click the “Services” tab in Primo, and you’ll see the ILL option. Click it, fill out the resulting form, and we will work to find you a copy of whatever it is you need.

If you don’t see the option to request an item via ILL, Boyce Library has a digital or print copy of the item, or it is held at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s library, where you can check out a copy using your Southern Seminary Shield Card.

Primo Central Goes Live

September 15th, 2010 • Robb Brunansky

Boyce Centennial library is happy to announce the availability of the Primo Central Index in our Primo Discovery System. Primo Central provides instant access to hundreds of databases in addition to the full print collection of the library.

Primo Central can be searched from the “Books and More” tab of the Primo search interface. Books and More gives you three options for refining your search. By default, it is set to search everything available to the library via Primo Central and in print. If you want to refine your search to include only items held in print, select “Print Resources” from the drop-down menu. If you want to search only Primo Central’s index, select “Online Resources” from the drop down menu.

Of course, you can still search individual databases or groups of databases by clicking on the Databases by Subject tab. For more information about Primo Central, here is a short video.

Boyce Library Implements SSO

September 9th, 2010 • Robb Brunansky

In our ongoing efforts to improve your online library experience, we have implemented a Single Sign-On (SSO) system to authenticate credentials for our online resources. An SSO system makes it simpler for our patrons to access library resources by giving each patron a unique username and password for all library resources. What does this mean for you?

If you’re on campus using either a computer in the library or a laptop connected to the campus Wifi network, nothing has changed. You will still be able to access all the resources as you did previously.

If you’re accessing library resources from off-campus, you will need to authenticate your identity using your library username and password. Your username and password combination is the barcode number and PIN you use to log in to your account in MetaLib, Aleph, and Primo. Previously, we had a generic login with a password we updated each semester. We are no longer using this system. You must authenticate with your library username and password going forward.

Why have we made this change? Ultimately, we made this change because it provides the most streamlined, efficient way for our patrons to access library resources. You only have one username and password to remember for all of our resources. This means that you will use the same username and password to access Aleph, MetaLib, and Primo, along with every database we provide. You no longer need to call the circ desk every semester to get a new password for databases. And, once you are signed in to Primo, you immediately have access to every full text article in our collection from within Primo, giving you one centralized location to log in and retrieve all of your online research materials. SSO will make your research from off-campus locations much more convenient and streamlined, especially when it is combined with the power of the Primo Discovery System.

If you do not know your library username and password, please call the circulation desk at:
800-626-5525, ext. 4713
We will be happy to provide you with your library credentials.

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