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WorldCat Local Beta

May 18th, 2009 • Robb Brunansky

This week we are beginning beta testing of WorldCat Local, a new online interface for searching Boyce Centennial Library’s Catalog. A quick comparison of WorldCat Local with our current OPAC helps visualize some of the changes that are coming.

Initial Search Page on current OPAC:

Initial Search Page on WorldCat Local:

Search Results on current OPAC:

Search Results on WorldCat Local:

WorldCat Local delivers many enhancements and new features to our patrons, including:

  • A streamlined search interface
  • Categories to refine your search terms quickly
  • Cover art to help you locate an item quickly by sight
  • Lists of subjects related to your results that can be quickly searched with a single click
  • A “Browse Similar Items” window
  • Easy-to-understand circulation information so you can see where the item is located in the library and whether or not it is available
  • Links to do further research about authors
  • The option to write reviews about items in the library
  • The ability to add tags to items
  • The option to share items on social network sites like Facebook or bookmark them on sites like Delicious
  • A custom list editor to quickly create a bibliography of your search results
  • Built in citation options to export references to your favorite bibliographic software
  • This is a partial list of new features now available in our beta test of WorldCat Local. In the coming days, I’ll post blog entries overviewing these features with tips on how to get the most from them. In the meantime, we hope you’ll spend some time exploring WorldCat Local (sbts.worldcat.org), and then please send us some feedback (worldcatfeedback@gmail.com) on what you like, what worked, what didn’t (it is a beta, after all!), and what could be added or improved.

    Alphabetical List of All Databases Now Available

    March 20th, 2009 • Robb Brunansky

    Today we published a new page on our website that lists all of our current research databases in alphabetical order. Boyce Centennial Library provides access to well over 50 online, research databases, covering subjects such as theology, medicine, current events, history, and many more. Now it is simple to see all the databases that are available for your use on one page. We trust this addition will make our databases more accessible, and perhaps it will even reveal research resources of which you were previously unaware.

    Cambridge and Oxford Journals Full Text Online

    March 11th, 2009 • Robb Brunansky

    Boyce Centennial Library is pleased to announce the availability of online full text articles from journals published by Cambridge University Press and Oxford Press. Some of the journal titles now available include:

  • Journal of Semitic Studies
  • Literature and Theology
  • The Journal of Theological Studies
  • Harvard Theological Review
  • New Testament Studies
  • Scottish Journal of Theology

  • Many other titles are also available. For a list of all the theological titles available, see our Theology and Religion Databases page. We trust the increased availability of these resources will further your studies for the glory of God.

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