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Can’t access library resources from home?

January 5th, 2012 • John Merritt

In a previous post, we addressed a problem that some of our off-campus patrons were experiencing when trying to use our online resources. I would like to add more information based on recent findings.

First, a brief summary of the problem: When an off-campus patron with Internet service provided by Insight attempts to Log-In to their library account, the page takes a long time to load and finally times out. The problem stems from the wireless router that is issued by Insight (Belkin model# F5D7234-4). This can be proved by plugging your computer directly into the Insight modem, bypassing the wireless router.

Previously, we had only two suggested workarounds for this problem: 1) Buy a new wireless router to replace the Insight Belkin model, or 2) Contact Insight to open the required ports on the wireless router.

After one of our students pursued the latter as far as it could go, it has been determined that there is no way to modify the Belkin router to access the library resource short of removing it (for those technically minded this means placing your computer in the DMZ - a very risky and unrecommended choice). However, the former option has been rightfully criticized as being too burdensome. Why pay for new hardware in addition to paying for a wireless router that cannot be made to work? That is where the dear people at Insight come to your aid!

For those who are affected by this problem, Insight will replace your Belkin wireless router with a different model (currently a NetGear) free of charge. As reported by our brother in Christ, this completely fixes the problem. To begin the process, please send your Insight customer information (account # or phone #) to: Hill.S@insightcom.com and reference Master Ticket# 116795.

Many thanks to Nate for providing us with this information!

Christmas and New Years Holidays – Special Hours

December 16th, 2011 • Paul Roberts

The James P. Boyce Centennial Library will observe the following hours for the Christmas and New Years holidays. We will resume normal hours on January 3, 2012.

OPEN Friday, 12/23/2011, 7:45am — 4:30pm
CLOSED Saturday, 12/24/2011 — Monday, 1/2/2012

Search Library Resources from within Facebook

November 30th, 2011 • Paul Roberts

Did you know you can now search library resources from within Facebook at facebook.com/JPBCL? Just “Like” us and then search from within the Search! tab in the left sidebar. We have also linked to the library’s databases pages, all arranged by subject for your convenience.

Also, follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/JPBCL for news and announcements.

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