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Simplified Log-in Information for SBTS Patrons

September 9th, 2011 • Paul Roberts

The James P. Boyce Centennial Library is now pleased to provide a simplified way for SBTS students, faculty, and staff to access our online resources. These new usernames and passwords for access to our proprietary databases and to library patron accounts is an optional alternative to the existing system. You may now access our databases (such as ATLA) or log-in to your library account (to renew books online) by using:

  • Username: your Moodle username
  • Password: your birthdate in the format of mmddyyyy. For example, use 12251984 if your birth date was December 25, 1984.

Reasons for logging-in include off-campus access to any of our dozens of research databases and their full-text content, utilizing the library’s “Search All Resources” option to search multiple databases simultaneously, and subsequently saving these searches for future reference. You must also sign-in to renew your books online.

We hope this simplification is helpful to you as you continue your research.

Fall 2011 Research Workshops

August 19th, 2011 • Paul Roberts

We are pleased to announce that the research workshops for the Fall semester of 2011 have been scheduled. Most of these workshops are available as either traditional on-site workshops or as online webinars. More information, dates, and online registration are on the Workshops page: library.sbts.edu/workshops. This semester’s workshop topics are:

  • An Introduction to Library Services
  • Seek and You Shall Find: Techniques for Finding and Not Just Searching
  • Twice the Research, Half the Time: Using Online Databases
  • Become an über-Googler: Online Hacks for Academic Content
  • He Said, She Said: An Introduction to Using Bibliographic Citation Managers

The New Library Website

August 11th, 2011 • Paul Roberts

Frequent visitors to this site will recognize that we have a new look. The basic architecture of the site remains the same, however, so you have no need to worry about where and how to find your favorite resources. We have also retained many of the older posts from before the switch because of the valuable information they contain, so don’t be thrown off by such dated posts.

The sidebar to the left remains the primary navigational tool for these pages. As always, please do not hesitate to ask for help with your research if you are having difficulty getting started. Librarians are ready and waiting to help.

Library Contact:
Phone: (502)897 – 4713
Email: jfowler@sbts.edu

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