— James P. Boyce Centennial Library —


Library Services

“Patron Services” are those departments in the library that focus on helping people rather than acquiring or preserving things. Though the entire library is consciously focused serving the Seminary community, the Patron Services departments exist for this sole purpose.

Circulation Services help patrons (library users) to identify and locate the materials they need, as well as ensuring that your interaction with the library is courteous in demeanor, honoring to God in character, and encouraging in motivation for your studies. They are not guardians of the collection. Rather, they are bridges to help patrons access the collection with greater ease and effectiveness.

Instruction Services exist because we realize that library research is an increasingly complex thing. From print indices to federated search engines, the library’s holdings are not always intuitive to use. So we offer several workshops (which are each offered multiple times) to help lighten some of the burden and sharpen the skills of even the most savvy user. Visit the Instruction Services page for this semester’s schedule of workshops.

Interlibrary Loan Services are those services that help students, faculty, and staff of Southern Seminary and Boyce College obtain materials that are not physically part of our library by borrowing them from other libraries on your behalf. The process is simple, but must be followed. This service effectively increases the size of our library to include the holdings of hundreds of other academic and public libraries across North America.

Reference Services exist to help you when you’ve hit a dead end in your research, when you need direction about where to look next, or even for help in narrowing your research topic. Our Reference Librarian will help you with just about anything, and in just about any way.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.