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Computer Lab Printing Difficulties

February 18, 2020 • John Merritt

We are experiencing some technical difficulties printing from machines in the Computer Lab.  Campus Technology is working on the problem, but as a temporary workaround, shortcuts have been placed on the desktop. If no printer appears, double-click the desktop icon, Anywhere-BW, to reload the printer. If you receive an error, click okay and try again.

Alternatively, you may upload PDF files directly for printing. 

  • Login to http://papercut:9191/user with your credentials,
  • Click Web Print > Submit a Job. 
  • Select the printer (Anywhere-BW), the step through the prompts to upload your PDF document.
    • Once uploaded, you may release print job on the copier as normal.

Biannual Checkout Policy Changing to Automatic Renewal

June 17, 2019 • John Merritt

Patrons who previously have been granted biannual loan periods with fixed due dates will hereafter receive an initial 3-week due date that will automatically renew every 1-3 days for up to 1-year. Email notifications will be sent when items are due or requested.

This change alters the procedure—not our practice—and is required by our transition to Hold Requests.

Recalls Transitioning to Hold Requests

June 13, 2019 • John Merritt

Recalls have historically been the mechanism to provide equity of access to resources. However, due to limitations discovered in the new Library management system, we are transitioning from Recalls to Hold Requests. This change will improve access to resources for our patrons.

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